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The ‘Carpet Bomb‘ Technique

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A technique with a strange name but there’s certainly nothing strange about the results. This is an incredibly powerful technique you can put in to practice to build a qualified audience on Facebook or Instagram that you know are engaged in your product or service.


  • Facebook Business Manager account (LINK)
  • Facebook page
  • Instagram account
  • Social first video creative specifically designed to promote your product or service


Firstly create an Ad (Link) within Facebook Business Manager using your chosen video and the Video Views objective (Link?). It is imperative this video is specifically optimised towards achieving this objective.

You are then able to build audiences based on how much of your video a user has watched: 3 seconds, 25%, 50%, 75%, 95% or 100%.

This is an extremely powerful and cost-efficient way of building qualified audiences, as those who have watched 100% of your chosen creative will be much more likely to convert than those who have only watched 3 seconds.

You then create another campaign in Facebook Business Manager this time with a different objective based on your business needs and target this campaign to the engaged audiences you have built up in Phase 1.

If you need any free advice on setting up your own campaign to take advantage of this technique, or you’d like us to build out campaigns or creative for you just get in touch here. 

Once you’ve mastered this technique, the next incredibly valuable tool for growing the business is creating a Lookalike Audience, learn how to do this here.

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